Personal interests and passions:


Photography is a lifelong passion of mine. I’ve been an amateur photographer with DSLR cameras and a handful of lenses for more than ten years. Mostly travel photography, but I’ve experienced some product photography, landscapes, and candid shots.

Music and Audio and Vinyl

A big fan of music and audio! Pop, Classical, Alternative, Rock, Soul, R&B, and anything with a nice melody in any genre. Also a big fan of audiophile systems and equipments.

Retro Games

Love the old retro games. Adventure, action, role playing, strategy, you name it. Some of my favorite games include Monkey Island, Prince of Persia, Warcraft, Wolf3D / Doom, Dune, River Ride, and Mario. 

Research and Prototyping

Besides the usual research for academia, I research many subjects on a daily basis, and often, create prototypes for myself. 

Design and Architecture

Admirer of good designs and elegant spaces. Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, Hans Wegner, Milo Baughman, Isamu Noguchi, Eames, Warren Platner, Florence Knoll, Frank Gehry, and Frank Lloyd Wright are among my favorite designers.


A big fan of food and diverse cuisines.