All the other pages on this website are about the professional life, but this page is about some personal interests.


Photography was my passion for a long time. I was an amateur photographer with DSLR cameras and a handful of lenses for about ten years. It was mostly travel photography, but I did some product photography, landscapes, and candid shots.


I am a big fan of music. Pop, Classical, Alternative, Rock, Soul, R&B, and anything with nice melodies in any genres. One of my favorite composers of all time is David Garrett. If you have never heard of him, you may want to check his unique crossover violin style; particularly, his solo Vivaldi’s Summer performance is amazing. My other favorite artists are 2Cellos, Zhu, and Piano Guys.

My main listening equipment consists of  a pair of Focal Electra 1008BE2 speakers, Paradigm Seismic 110 Subwoofer, Hegel H190 Integrated Amplifier, a Music Streamer, Teac TN-550 Turntable, and Cambridge Phono amp. My interconnects are WireWorld, AudioQuest, and DH Labs.


Besides the usual academic research, I do excessive research on any subject daily. I really like to know every aspects of the things I choose or support.


I am a big fan of food and different cuisines. Whether it’s Korean Bulgogi or Jamaican Jerk Chicken, always count me in. I would taste everything edible at least once. I’ve tried the Japanese Wagyu steak a couple of times and really don’t get the hype around it; to me, they taste more like Kabobs than steaks. Australian Kangaroo was a nice change!