All the other pages on this website are about the professional life, but this page is about some personal interests.


Photography was my passion for a long time. I did amateur photography with DSLR cameras and various lenses for about ten years. It was mostly travel photography, but I did a few product photography and candid shots.


Although I cannot play any instrument, I am a big fan of music. My taste usually involves songs with nice melodies in any genre. One of my favorite composers of all time is David Garrett. If you have never heard of him before, you should check out his unique violin crossover style. Also his solo Vivaldi’s Summer performance is amazing.


Besides academic research, whether it’s about getting a set of Wusthof knives or my next car, I do an extensive research on the subject. I really like to know every aspects of the things I choose.


I am a big fan of food in general and different cuisines. Whether it’s Korean Bulgogi or Jamaican Jerk Chicken, I am always in. I would taste everything safe to eat at least once. And yes, I’ve tried the Japanese Wagyu and Australian Kangaroo!